WiSport General Rules

  1. Approved helmets must be worn in all events.
  2. Racecourses are open to traffic. All riders must obey all traffic laws and observe the yellow Line rule. Riders who disobey the yellow line rule may be disqualified.
  3. Aero bars are prohibited in all mass start events. Aero bars may be used in time trials only.
  4. Applicants age on July 1 determines racing age category for WiSport points. You can join WiSport at any time, but you are strongly encouraged to sign up prior to the beginning of the season calendar. Registration forms are available online at .
  5. Approved helmets must be worn in all events.
  6. Racecourses are open to traffic. All riders must obey all traffic laws and observe the yellow Line rule. Riders who disobey the yellow line rule may be disqualified.
  7. WiSport’s cumulative points scoring system emphasizes participation. Points are given to everyone finishing, based on how they finished within their age category. Age categories for Best of Five in Road Races and Time Trials are listed below. The running total is maintained during the season for each member. Year end awards are given out for each age category, based on total points received for your 5 best race events (Time Trial, Road Race, and/or both), as well as overall participation points.
  8. Age group points for all time trails and road races are given on a declining points system. 50 for first in your age group, 49 for second 48 for third etc.
  9. Overall total series points awards (male and female) are based on a total of all (age category) road race series and time trial points in all events completed.
  10. In the case of ties in any WiSport points competition, a computer generated average percentile score will be used to determine placing.
  11. Members may elect to race a different length race course when a race organizer offers this option. WiSport will treat each distance as a separate event for all points and standings. In some cases, a race organizer may offer different distance options with restrictions based upon age, gender, or other distinctions. You must comply with any such restriction in order to receive WiSport points, except that you may elect to race a course which is longer than the one intended for your age/gender group.
  12. If you race in more than one age group start, you will receive WiSport points for only one of these races unless the separate starts are listed as separate WiSport events. If the race length options are not restricted by age or any other way, a rider may freely choose to race either distance. All the distance options will appear on the website Schedule page as separate events. The schedule page may change from time to time during the season with regard to these optional distances.
  13. Team Points are derived from the top five finishers in age groups at time trials and road races.

Age Groups

Ultra Junior ( defined as needed for very young riders )
Under 14
14 - 19
20 - 24
25 - 29
30 - 34
35 - 39
40 - 44
45 - 49
50 - 54
55 - 59
60 - 64
65 - 69
70 - 74
75 - 79
80 - 84
85 - 89
Additional Categories added as needed

Rules for Specific Competitions

Best of 7

  1. Any combination of road races or time trials make up the points for a rider's total.
  2. The seven highest point totals will be the total points.
  3. The Best Of 7 will be awarded based on the age groups listed above.

Overall Series Champion

  1. All points a rider earns for the season will determine placing for the Overall points competition.
  2. One rider of each gender with the most total points for their gender will earn the Overall Series Champion Title for their gender.

WiSport Members are automatically signed up for all competitions when they pay for membership

A Little Bit About WiSport and its Origins

Bicycle racing in the United States has not provided opportunities for the average citizen to participate and therefore compete. Unlike running and cross country skiing, which have many opportunities for all age groups and levels of ability bicycle racing opportunities were not available. This situation changed in 1988 when Jim Menzel of Stevens Point, WI founded WiSport, a citizen bicycle racing organization that fosters participation for gender and age groups. The premise of WiSport is to support and promote locally sponsored bicycle races and provide a scoring system based on your age and gender, so that each individual is racing against persons in their age group and gender. Scoring during the racing season is based on participation, the more events you race the higher your score regardless of your place at any specific event. WiSport gives individuals who started bicycle racing later in life a chance to participate against others in their age group and experience the camaraderie that bicycling brings to ones life.

WiSport does not sponsor races but rather supports local community events put on by chamber of commerce, Lions clubs, volunteer fire departments and the like. In this way WiSport not only provides the citizen racer opportunity to participate in bicycle racing but also to participate in local community events. For $35 per year, you can combine support for local community organizations and have the chance to win and compete in series mainly geared toward age and participation.

WiSport began with age groups in 5 year increments beginning with 14-19. At its inception, in 1988, the age groups for men ended with age 45 + and for women 40 +. Today the age groups continue at 5 year increments; however, today the age groups begin with 13 and under and end at 80 + for both women and men. This is a testament of the desire to participate and compete in the life long sport of bicycle racing. WiSport’s age group scoring by participation makes the first 10 riders as important as the last 10 in all racing events which emphasize reward of the effort and not the result.

Our Mission

WISPORT is an organization dedicated to fostering and promoting participation in citizen bicycle racing (no racing license required) and community sponsored racing events. WISPORT uses a scoring system based on participation to achieve the full value of fun, camaraderie and achievement that bicycle racing brings to each individual and the communities which sponsor the races.